Welcome to Hollywood in Color.

A podcast about the history of people of color in the entertainment industry



“[The podcast is] impeccably researched and narrated by Dr. Diana Martinez. The three-part Hattie McDaniel series, especially the final episode, is history storytelling at its finest: a moment in the past puts a current moment into perspective, as it zooms from McDaniel’s historic first Academy Award-winning performance right up through the more recent wins of other Black actresses. “

— Ma’ayan Plaut, RadioPublic

“Diana Martínez’s return with Hollywood in Color […] brought the flawlessly researched three-part series of Hattie McDaniel, the first Black performer to win an Academy Award. Martínez weaves history until it interlocks with the present, from McDaniel’s triumphs to the awards won by more recent Black actresses.”

Elena Fernández Collins, podcast critic and reporter

Finalist - Best New Podcast and

Best History Podcast

“I regret not studying nearly as much film history in college than I could have, so Hollywood in Color is my delayed return to my classrooms of yore […]”

Ma’ayan Plaut, RadioPublic

"With the massive success of Karina Longworth’s classic Hollywood podcast, You Must Remember This, it’s great that there’s a similar show actively looking at how the studio era shaped (and erased) performers of color."

Kristen Lopez, Remezcla

"From the first sounds of the show's intro music, it's obvious that Hollywood In Color is a breath of fresh air, and it feels like exactly what film history podcasts have needed."

— Ben Cannon, Constant Listener & The AV Club